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I’m excited about our commonalities more than our differences

A Q with Muslim filmmaker Zarqa Nawaz and Jewish filmmaker Francine Zuckerman

Hermes Replica Handbags Canadian filmmakers Zarqa Nawaz, creator of CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie, and Francine Zuckerman have both made groundbreaking documentaries (respectively, Me The Mosque and Half the Kingdom) that explore the efforts of Muslim and Jewish women to reconcile deeply held religious beliefs with their desires for equal access to communal and ritual spaces. Hermes Replica Handbags

Zuckerman and Nawaz will share a stage at Toronto’s Noor Cultural Centre on April 30 in a program entitled «Trailblazers and Troublemakers.» Their joint appearance is presented together with the exhibition Blood, Milk their explanation and Tears, an art installation created by local Muslim and Jewish women that runs until May 24at FENTSTER, the gallery located at Makom: Creative Downtown Judaism (402 College Street).

Zuckerman: We’ll both be showing clips of our films and interviewing each other. We’ll be asking each other questions, sharing experiences, and then it will be up to the audience. I’m excited about our commonalities more than our differences. It’s something we need to celebrate so much more.

Are your commonalities as women, as members of an Abrahamic religion, or both?

Zuckerman: The emphasis hbags hermes bags is as women, for sure, but we’re going to be replica hermes purse focusing on similarities on what we’ve both been up against in our religions as women.

Hermes Kelly Replica Nawaz: The National Film Board had given me Francine’s documentary when I was making my documentary, because at that time, I was worried about how to explain something like this. What will people say? My producer said, «It’s actually not that reviews unique. You’d be surprised.» When I saw Francine’s documentary, I was blown away, because I had no idea that the practice of putting women behind curtains and up in balconies was something others faiths also practise. For me, it was important to see that, because it’s a difficult thing to make a documentary about. You’re looking at hbags hermes replica the patriarchal practices of your community, and for me to realize it was practised elsewhere was really important. People need to be reminded that Muslims are not unique in this practice. Hermes Kelly Replica

But in Judaism, segregating women takes place only within Orthodoxy.

Nawaz: Yes and it only takes place in some mosques. Lots of mosques don’t practise it. It was brought over here by Saudi Arabia, which is a tiny part of the Muslim world, because oil money has had a huge and undue influence on our world and we’re shaking it off now. My documentary was an example of how the actual religion doesn’t practise it and did not when Islam began. It was exacerbated by the Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia.

best hermes replica handbags At the hajj [the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca], men and women pray side by side. And Muslims are aware of this. Even today, if you go to hajj, there’s no segregation. There was even an argument after the Prophet died. The Prophet himself allowed men and women to pray together. Over time, as Islam spread, the cultural practices of the curtain started. When Saudi Arabia got its oil money, it started imposing it on the community and declaring it as the only replica hermes himalayan bag price way of doing things. Their theology impacted the Muslim world in a very detrimental way, because of the intense amount of money they have. They were able to export imams. That’s what happened to our mosque in Regina. We had an imam come, and he said there was birkin inspired replica handbags too much intermingling between men and women, and he forced the curtain. And so I wanted to make a documentary showing this was not something that has any theological validity. best hermes replica handbags

Replica Hermes Bags Who defines theological? Who put that in there? Male scholars. When male scholars speak, they sometimes promote their own feelings and belief systems, which don’t exist sometimes. Replica Hermes Bags

Zuckerman: I grew up Orthodox but completely rejected my background, because I felt it wasn’t appropriate for who I am in this world right now. But I think what I learned from scholars like Norma Joseph, who has been an inspiration to me as a very open minded Orthodox Jewish feminist, is that in Judaism, we’ve been under great illusions as to what women can and cannot do, because of who’s controlling the texts, the education and the interpretation of the texts. And that’s where I think we can find a common bond as Jews and Muslims that we are up against some of those entrenched ideas and customs that aren’t necessarily replica hermes mini bag based on Halachah, from a Jewish point of view. We are focusing on barriers, but also looking at the bigger replica hermes luggage story of our relationship to our religion as Jews and Muslims.

I have a huge problem with Muslim women bring covered up. replica birkin bag As a feminist, it affects me at my core. I don’t know what to do with that. It makes me sad and angry. How can you put yourself through that?

Often, women who wear the hijab or niqab say they find it empowering.

Nawaz: It’s hard for me to speak for women who wear burkas and niqabs, because I don’t. They need to speak for themselves. I follow one on Twitter. I find it fascinating. It’s her right to control who sees her in her sexuality and who has access to it. I have to go with what she’s saying.

Zuckerman: I would push that a lot further. How entrenched is that? Does she also have to walk behind her husband? I have a lot of questions.

Hermes Replica Bags Nawaz: There is nothing in Islam that says a woman has to walk behind her husband. Hermes Replica Bags

Zuckerman: I know, but I see it all the time.

replica hermes belt uk READ: DARINGNESS OF ISRAELI CINEMA REFLECTS SOCIETY VIBRANCY replica hermes belt uk

A true conservative might say it’s not anyone’s business what a woman wears, and we shouldn’t interfere in private lives.

Zuckerman: You’re right. Of course we shouldn’t. I want to be able to look these up wear what I want. It just pushes those buttons. It makes me feel compelled to ask, «Are you aware of your rights? Do you really feel equal to your husband?» All those things I have fought for my whole life as a feminist. So I do have a very emotional response to it because I feel that, yes, this is what you want, but I’d love to dig deeper and really understand if that’s something that’s entrenched, or is it something that really makes you happy?

Francine, your film examined the prayer in which Jewish men thank God for not having made them a woman. Zarqa, is there anything similar in Islam?

Nawaz: We are more concerned with how men have interpreted the law to give themselves benefit. As Muslims, we feel that’s not why the religion was revealed. We believe it was revealed because there were oppressed, poor, women and slaves, and they needed rights, and those rights came out through the text. And there was a great deal of pushback because the men, the people in power, did not want them.

Are you brought together because you are both artists?

Nawaz: Both of us care about women, feminism and faith. Sometimes, the way to get through to our communities is through art. These are difficult conversations to have, particularly in conservative elements in our communities. They don’t like that light being shone on them. Sometimes, art is a gentler way of getting mini birkin bag replica through to them.

Zuckerman: As a filmmaker, my work can go way beyond where I can go. If I have something to say, as I have with all my films, it can travel, and we can continue the discussion. It can go on without me there.

Do you expect Israel to come up in your discussion?

Zuckerman: It’s interesting how it’s so hard for us for that not to come into our discussions when we are finding more common ground than not. I spent a lot of time in Israel, and I know how difficult it is for us. I’m pro Israel and pro Palestinian, and I’m struggling with how we move on. I just am really excited to be on a panel with Zarqa, because I feel there’s so much we can celebrate in terms of our commonalities as feminists as opposed to the divisions.

Nawaz: People coming together is always a good thing. I think we need to know each other and hear each other. It always helps building peace and understanding between people. The conversation is critical, and I think this is one part of that puzzle.

Names or logos have appeared on the shirts since 1982

Yep, there two forms of sexual harassment: quid pro quo and hostile work environment. What you are talking about has to do with hostile work environment and there has to be a pattern of this happening (can be different events). There has to be a time where the victim has to report you to stop and HR determines from there.

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But the top line poverty numbers were only part of a wider New Jersey macro trend that portends a kind of economic unraveling on Gov. Christie watch. Last fall, the United Way of Northern New Jersey teamed up with Rutgers University to look at a broader slice of the state’s population that, by the numbers, were above the federal poverty level but financially struggling to make ends meet..

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Not to mention how difficult it is to get green card as a low

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When it came to sticks, he had to be nice to the trainer

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We bought these guys sticks and most of the equipment. When it came to sticks, he had to be nice to the trainer.»Pittsburgh Penguins Chris Kunitz toured with the Stanley Cup in Regina last year. (Mike Zartler/CBC)Melnychuk says he hasn’t heard from Kunitz in three to four years, though the NHLer did invite Melnychuk and his wife to a Regina barbecue Kunitz held after his team at the time, the Anaheim Ducks, won the Stanley Cup in 2007..

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Will no longer have to travel as far to access the audiology

New audiology clinic will offer closer to home diagnostic and treatment options for local families Furla Outlet, said Linda Reid kanken bags, Minister of State for Child Care and MLA for Richmond East. Will no longer have to travel as far to access the audiology services their children need. Currently travel to Northern Health’s Northwest Audiology Program clinic in Terrace for most services.

fjallraven kanken Liberals’ decision to cut nearly $200 million from the Ministry of Forests and Range is the latest broken election promise from a government that has abandoned the industry that built this province, say the New Democrats. Liberals promised in last year’s pre election budget. Liberals’ watch, and their response is further cuts. fjallraven kanken

kanken bags Ledyit worked with evacuees for almost three weeks in Edmonton, heading home in time to attend his son’s high school graduation. He returned after a month to help as the situation moved from helping provide immediate relief to the evacuees to case management. During his time back in Lethbridge, Ledyit and Penny Balfour kanken bags, a community outreach associate with the Lethbridge office of the Canadian Red Cross, took time to speak with Wider Horizons about working with the people affected by Canada’s worst national disaster and the value of giving back to the community as a Red Cross volunteer.. kanken bags

Furla Outlet The type of 18 gallon, lidless recycling bins has been in use almost since Portland began curbside recycling in 1999. The first bin is free for new city residents, but additional bins cost $10 each. The city switched to recycling in which residents commingle recyclables into a single container in 2007, and the pay as you throw garbage bag system is aimed at encouraging residents to reduce the amount of trash they send to the landfill.. Furla Outlet

Furla Outlet As Attorney General she runs the show in this province.How the good people of Prince George could elect someone with nothing more than experience on school boards is bewildering.For Christy Clark to give her the top post in law and order is astonishing.Minister Bond won hire more judges but she will hire more RCMP. This, although the crime rate is down.Our judicial system is in a mess! Even the judges say so. Waiting 3 and 4 Years for trial is ridiculous.I lost a friend in RCMP custody. Furla Outlet

Furla Outlet The solution? There isn’t one. Our governments will not even let us have a democracy. Gordon Wilson’s Liberals wanted to institute a secret ballot in the legislature in Victoria. In Game 2 the Bantams faced a much weaker team from Williams Lake. They were behind the whole game but did not quit. Late in the third trailing 6 4 and shorthanded Kody Kellar made an outstanding individual effort to give Terrace a chance making it 6 5. Furla Outlet

kanken mini As for the Hotsprings, the property came up for bid many years ago and the former Mayor at the time was also the lawyer for a group of citizens wanting to purchase it. They formed a company called Lakelse Lake Hotsprings. They were unsuccessful in their attempt to buy the Hotsprings and the present owner Mr. kanken mini

kanken bags [Haida] women and men came in flocks, to go away ruined forever kanken bags, Indians from the North West coast met with the same fate kanken bags kanken bags, from which they have never and never will recover. In process of time Chinese women came and they in some measure took the business of the local Indians, Haidas, Chimpsehans [Tsimshians] and so forth and to end the matter the small pox and local demands drove them home in their own canoes, and hundred perished on their way to their own country. I may say here they nearly every Indian attacked with small pox died kanken bags, whether he was taken care of in the Indian small pox hospital or not, and it was also said whether he had been vaccinated or not.. kanken bags

cheap kanken And while many look at addiction as something that happens to weak people, this crisis is showing that addiction can happen to anyone. «Opioids are pain killers, and often the reason people get addicted is because they are in significant physical and/or emotional pain. Our options for pain management are limited and rooted in social privilege,» says Black. cheap kanken

kanken As a working mother living in the coastal region in Prince Rupert kanken bags, my job exposes me to the struggles we all face. Job losses in the local community, economic downturns, all combine to whittle away at what we call hope. I too, have been there. Has been at the forefront of Canada China relations since the 1960s and we continue to seek new alliances in the region, said Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach. Shanghai office gives us an expanded presence as well as an ability to better serve our network of business partners and investors in this crucial market. And Saskatchewan. kanken

kanken backpack GINGOLX FLOODING UPDATEI have never seen so much water, and when speaking to elders, neither have they. The Kincolith river actually froze over causing an ice jam. This of course diverted water to the riverside portion of the community. The introductions and expressions of support for George Abbott from those who were travelling with him lasted approximately 17 minutes. Abbott’s direct speech to the Liberal loyalists in attendance lasted another 17 minutes. Abbott then allowed for a direct question and answer session, which lasted for a full 30 minutes kanken backpack.

He claimed he asked Tom if it was okay for Sammy to go in his

The boys never gave up, and managed to tally 2 goals in the third period to close the gap to 6 3. Terrace maintained the pressure kanken sale, but just couldn draw closer. Victoria added an empty net goal to make the final 7 3. I take the interests of the Regional District very seriously. They are the form of Government that debates and decides most matters mines gas and oil, pipelines, forestry, land holdings, ski hill this hill is not in town Furla Outlet, it is in the RD from Princess Royal to Dease Lake. The Terrace Standard has no respect for the RD.

kanken ActNow BC platform encourages British Columbians to lead healthier lives with increased physical activity and healthy eating kanken sale kanken sale0, said Minister of State for ActNow BC Gordon Hogg. New healthy living campaign will assist British Columbians from all backgrounds in taking simple steps to better health. Very pleased with our curriculum and resource package and look forward to introducing this resource in our ELSA classes across the province. kanken

kanken mini The bodies of the children were found in garbage bags off of a dirt road in Alabama. Jones, Jr. Jones, who appeared to be under the influence at the time of his arrest, was questioned at the checkpoint by a Smith County kanken sale, Miss. As far his final words of wisdom he might pass onto the players before tonight’s game Furla Outlet, Jason says he’ll keep his message short and to the point. «We have to get off to a good start and have a good first period. Get our butterflies out and try to get into the game early by scoring some goals. kanken mini

kanken bags If he does not disclose them, or won say what they talked about, then he needs to pay his own way. It is clear that this is a secret cabal, they are not elected or do not represent governments.One sometimes wonders where the initiative for some hair brained right wing schemes come from. It is usually at secret meetings where you can promote a particular notion without raising the attention of those people and agencies in our society who are there for the purpose of protecting us.. kanken bags

Furla Outlet He then acknowledged that he had a role in the preparation and delivery of the September 25th letter inviting the community and specifically the Chiefs and the Chief Ladies, called Hemaas and Mus Nagithl, to a meeting on the 27th. Stewart stated that he phoned Sammy Robinson to attend with him when he went to deliver it to Tom Robinson. He claimed he asked Tom if it was okay for Sammy to go in his place and Tom said it was okay for Sammy to speak for him. Furla Outlet

kanken mini If you want to make a point, you have to involve civil disobedience to even get a hearing; and then unless you have some lobby group like women’s rights or gay rights, or you’re native, or crippled, or an immigrant or anything but a middle class, healthy, white, hetero, Canadian male, nobody’s gonna take you seriously. You’ll just get jailed. And you’ll get a stiffer sentence than the thief who’s just a poor little victim of his social upbringing.Yeah, yeah kanken sale, there’s millions of arguments against what I’m saying. kanken mini

kanken sale Tim Jeffery won bronze in his first BUCS competition in the short range rifle shooting. A Rio 2016 Paralympian, Jeffery was determined to make a success of shooting after having his left hand amputated and hearing people say he would be not be able to achieve success. In the final round Furla Outlet, he posted a superb 100 97 to win a short range rifle bronze medal.. kanken sale

kanken mini This Furla Outlet, however, is a fundamentally different situation. CR isn referring to its own tests or evaluations, but its user surveys and reported reliability data from its own customers kanken sale, gathered in the same fashion as the data the company collects on every other laptop manufacturer. It still theoretically possible that this group was tainted by a run of bad hardware, but the fact that CR is pulling recommendations from an entire suite of products suggests otherwise.. kanken mini

kanken bags Since April 1, fire crews have responded to 213 wildfires, of which 199 were human caused. The public is reminded that anyone found in contravention of a burning restriction can be fined up to $345 or held responsible for suppression costs if their negligence results in a wildfire. To report a wildfire or unattended campfire call 5555 on most cellular networks. kanken bags

kanken bags I didn’t take a penny from the government. We didn’t have nothing, we boiled eggs. My first Christmas after moving here we had nothing. You and your spouse and families need to be thanked for the constant contribution that you provide to the workplace, to the community and to mine rescue. The success of mine rescue is truly a great achievement for labour, Management and mines inspection. Thank you to the organizers of this event, thank you to all the participants and continued success in the future. kanken bags

kanken We have been told there is a news release being prepared on the subject of the Airport Industrial Park Lands. During the previous 5 years we have reported on numerous proposals and deals to bring industrial development to Terrace, none of which came to fruition. We suspect a $2 million investment should not go to waste kanken.

It’s, when I throw an incomplete pass, showing that I care

5. Plan for traffic: Traffic in the Phoenix area gets more brutal each year. If you’re driving, arrive at Scottsdale Stadium at least 45 minutes early. There’s no telling how much more Murray can achieve. Ireland’s first Lions scrumhalf since 1980, Murray is already Ireland’s second most capped player in that position, making 45 Test appearances for his country in his first five years on the international stage. Today will mark his 23rd Six Nations game in a row..

Last month, four Newark principals were suspended after attending a forum, organized by Anderson critic and mayoral candidate Ras Baraka, about Anderson’s «One Newark» reform plan. «One Newark» would bring changes to over a third of the city’s schools, including bringing charter schools into district owned facilities and designating «renew» schools where principals could replace existing staff. While the four principals have been reinstated, one has been reassigned; those four and a fifth suspended principal are now mounting a federal lawsuit against Anderson and the school district, alleging violations of their First and 14th Amendment rights.

«I remember so many things about that final game,» Peterson wrote in an email. «I remember during the last minute or so wholesale nfl jerseys, Geoff Sanderson skating down the ice on a semi breakaway and trying to get the puck to Kevin Dineen so he could score the final goal in Whalers history. I remember sitting with my son and not wanting to leave, watching them scrape the ice out of the Coliseum..

It’s sprinting from drill to drill. It’s doing everything full speed. It’s, when I throw an incomplete pass, showing that I care that I threw an incomplete pass. Make them out of bias tape of the same fabric cheap jerseys, with elastic inside, make the adjustable. On the bra cup, at the shoulder end, add a round plastic loop. Pass the strap through the loop.

I guess it makes sense on some level. Everyone saw what happened to Chris Culliver: He spoke out and got blasted. Vilified, even. Thank you very much for joining me on this call today. I am saddened that we are here to address this issue, but because of the importance of it, I feel the need to make a brief statement and address your questions. At the outset, let me say that under the rules of the basic agreement and the order of the independent arbitrator, there is an order of confidentiality governing the specifics of this case.

Louis. Today we wanted to give the players a chance to have some fun in front of a great crowd. 3. With chants of «Dav eed Beckham, Dav eed Beckham» echoing, Beckham looked to be on the verge of tears. He applauded the crowd and blew a kiss to his family in the stands. There was time for one more hug this one a bit longer from coach Carlo Ancelotti before he sat on the bench, maybe for the last time..

Pence tells Catholics at prayer breakfast: Trump has your backVice President Mike Pence addressed the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast Tuesday, using his speech to sell the crowd of religious leaders and devotees on the spiritual bona fides of the new administration. Is dedicatedto ensuring liberty for all faiths. «America condemns the persecution of any faith, in any place, at any time,» Pence said..

OAKLAND, CA FEBRUARY 09: (L R) Stephen Curry 30, Draymond Green 23 and Klay Thompson 11 of the Golden State Warriors hold up their respective All Star jerseys before their game against the Houston Rockets at ORACLE Arena on February 9, 2016 in Oakland, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) less.

»That doesn’t really faze me, copping stick,» Tupou said. »What hurts is not having those [representative] jerseys, not making the team. That hurts a lot more than what people say. A. I came along after the whole «Bronies» term came into being. But the story is that someone on the newsgroup board 4Chan came up with the term.